The Great Barrier Reef


We had almost a week in Cairns and at the top of our to-do list was one thing: Snorkeling/Diving the Great Barrier Reef. We booked a snorkeling excursion and I added an intro dive as part of the experience – which you don’t have to be certified for (Cory chose to just snorkel). We had the perfect day for it – about 90 degrees and hardly any clouds, and we were one of the first groups to explore the reef at the spot we went to. I did my dive first and it was amazing! The first thing I saw under the water was a huge barracuda under the boat. It was probably as long as me – slim and grey with sharp teeth. The crew had already warned us that we would probably see him because he likes to hang around the boat and eat the fish they throw to him. He was harmless to us though and really cool to see. Since it was just an intro dive I had to hold onto the instructor the whole time and we were about 20 ft below the surface. I saw a ton of colorful coral and so many fish – lots of striped ones, tons of different sizes, and a bunch that looked like Nemo. The dive only lasted about 30 minutes and then I snorkeled with Cory the rest of the day. We ended up seeing a stingray, green turtle, and a black-tip reef shark! An amazing experience we will definitely never forget.


  • Hi Cory and Elly , Boy are you kids knocking it out of the park with this trip . the reef sounds
    like something I would enjoy doing ,although I haven’t snorkeled in years . Looking forward
    to more post ,be safe and enjoy the moment . Bill

  • Hi – wow !! I am so enjoying seeing your updates on your magical trip around the world, What an amazing life changing experience it is. Elly,– loved your description on your dive in the Great Barrier Reef — so glad you found NEMO :)… Be safe and enjoy !!

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