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Salina Turda


While looking up weird and interesting things to do in Romania I stumbled upon this one. We stayed in Cluj-Napoca and took a daytrip to the city of Turda to visit the largest salt mine museum in the world. Salt was first mined here during antiquity and continued until 1932. During World War II the mine was reopened to be used as a bomb shelter. After the war ended, part of the mine was used to store cheese. Finally, since 1992 the mine has been open to tourists to visit.

Nowadays the depths of the mines look like an amusement park with bowling alleys, mini-golf, table tennis and even a giant Ferris wheel. At the bottom of the largest pit there is an underground lake where we hopped into a rowboat and paddled around. It was really cool to wander through and go into the depths. With all the funky architecture coupled with the lighting it almost looked like something from a sci-fi movie. We were both a bit sick when we went so the other plus was that breathing in all the salt was supposed to help with our respiration. Whether or not it did is up for debate, but it was still a cool experience. 

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