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Queenstown Ledge Swing

AJH-LS-20180129-006-001-0001-Camera 5

On our last day in New Zealand we finally put our lives on the line by hooking up to a harness with just two bungee cords attached. Queenstown is known as the adrenaline capital of the world so we couldn’t leave without trying something. We settled on the Ledge Swing (~131 ft) overlooking Queenstown. On the ride up on the Gondola we weren’t too nervous but as we got closer and closer, watching a couple others go before us, it was much more nerve-racking. Finally we were all hooked up and hanging over the forest below us. We even had to pull the cord ourselves – probably the coolest and scariest part of this swing. Even after watching the people go before us we still weren’t ready for the drop – but it was awesome! After multiple stomach drops we swung there for a little bit and had the best view over Queenstown. 10/10 would swing again. (Scroll to the end for video!)


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