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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary


One of the main things we wanted to do in Chiang Mai was to visit an Elephant Sanctuary. This turned out to be one of our favorite things we’ve done so far. We started the day by cramming into the back of a pickup truck (there were benches for seats) and driving north almost 2 hours into the jungles of Thailand. When we got to the Sanctuary, we changed into traditional Karen tribe clothes and hiked through the jungle to see the elephants. It was even better than we expected once we first saw them. There were six adults and one baby (only a year old!) It was so fun feeding the elephants bananas and having them take them out of our hands with their trunks. We were told an adult elephant normally eats between 200-600 lbs of food a day and spend a good chunk of their time looking for food. After feeding them for a bit, we went off to have lunch for ourselves, which consisted of traditional Thai foods. In the afternoon it was time to bathe the elephants. It was pretty funny watching them walk into the small watering hole and plop down into the water. The baby was the most energetic, rolling around in the water and splashing everyone. After getting wet it was time for their mud bath. Elephants need the cooling effect of mud to regulate their body temperature, especially when it can get so hot in Thailand. The mud acts as a protection against sunburn and also provides relief from mosquitos and other insects. After the mud baths we said goodbye to the elephants and rode back into the city. An amazing day!


  • As ussual nothing but great pictures , you guys look like you’re have great time , It’s good
    reading about your adventure ,have fun and take care .

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