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After our flight from Istanbul, we arrived in Croatia and spent a couple days in Cavtat to catch up on sleep before we went to Dubrovnik to meet our friend, Chelsey. Our apartment in Dubrovnik was up a hill overlooking the Old Town, so while the views were great, climbing the stairs up the hill was always rough! The city was already popular with tourists but nowadays since Game of Thrones has filmed there, it’s even more popular. Lots of GoT related things everywhere! The main thing to do in Dubrovnik is walk the old City Walls. We did this towards sunset to get the best views out over the Adriatic Sea, and it was pretty great. Another day, we took a ferry ride over to Lokrum Island to enjoy a less crowded side of the area and hang out in the salt pools. We spent the rest of our time exploring the city, kayaking, and testing out all the different gelato shops. Overall a great introduction to the Europe leg of our trip.


  • Hey Guys , good to hear from you again ,wonderful pictures , gotta ask , whats with all the red roofs ?
    Stay safe and have fun , looking forward to seeing ya when you get back.

    • They’re because of the clay terracotta tiles they used to use. And then nowadays they just continue with the tradition since everyone loves the look.

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