About Us

We are two twenty-somethings whose dream it has been to travel the world one day. After years of daydreaming and discussions full of “what if?” and “wouldn’t it be cool?” we finally made the decision to quit our jobs and go for it! Both of us come from families that traveled a lot so it’s something that’s been in our blood forever. The two of us met and started dating overseas in England back in 2012. We were from two different colleges back home in Massachusetts, but we both ended up doing a semester abroad at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Towards the end of the semester, we took a month off to backpack through Europe with some good friends we had made, and since then the desire to travel grew even stronger than before. After months of prepping we were finally able to make this dream a reality, and in January 2018 we left on our adventure. Follow us and subscribe to our site at the bottom of the page to get updated on our trip as we go.

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Cory & Elly